"A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted."

      ~ Sir Winston Churchill

A commitment made at the company's first retreat in Lenox, MA., was to acknowledge the direct relationship between the health and well being of our staff and the heath and well being of our company. The resulting program, Chartwell, Live Well, is our commitment to a healthy lifestyle, incorporating green initiatives, and involvement in our beliefs.

  • Our team members have the ability to enjoy a fitness membership at a local gym.

  • Monthly educational sessions on healthy heart, blood pressure tips, smoking cessation programs, yoga, and other topical session are encouraged at each hotel.

  • Healthy meals are encouraged to be served at our full service hotels.

  • Every individual is encouraged to establish personal wellness goals.

  • A 12 month wellness calendar is established as part of the hotels marketing plan.

Chartwell Live Well is also a consolidation of all the hotels' efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. There are a myriad of opportunities that each property takes advantage of, the highlights are as follows:

  • Introducing ozone in the laundry systems to reduce hot water consumption by 80% and have a brighter, longer lasting and more "fluffy" linen.

  • Using cornstarch or potato utensils instead of plastic in some of our focused service hotels.

  • Working toward elimination of all copying.

  • Using scanners and e-mails as opposed to mailing invoices, payroll info etc.

  • Instituted a program to recover our recyclables and reduce our waste removal costs.

  • Installing fluorescent bulbs in all our hotels.

Our objectives in implementing Chartwell Live well is to have more educated and satisfied team members, to reduce our insurance costs and to reduce absenteeism. Satisfied team members are motivated and able to provide a more satisfying customer experience.