"All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope."

      ~ Sir Winston Churchill

Leadership: As a dynamic and progressive hotel management company, Chartwell Hotels is uniquely positioned to be a leading performer in the hotel business for the upcoming decades. We accomplish business leadership by:

  • Providing progressive accounting systems that include budcasting, weekly payroll reporting, monthly P&Ls, and annual budgets.

  • Ensuring proper positioning of the hotel in the marketplace.

  • Implementing the Chartwell Sales Platform for effective, efficient, marketing results.

  • Recruiting and developing team members who become dedicated and excellent hospitality professionals.

  • Educating the entire staff on the business of running a profitable hotel, making each one an important player in the process of producing positive results.

  • Consolidating purchasing power for insurance, energy, food, chemicals, in-room and office supplies.

  • Participating in national and regional associations and conferences that drive business to the hotel.

  • Orchestrating proactive training for all aspects of our customer-focused business.

  • Actively participating in the communities where we work through fundraising, volunteering, or donating our services to local charities and organizations.

Chartwell Hotels is a well-respected industry leader. Our franchise contacts, knowledge of the business, and proven ability to improve financial performance are distinct Chartwell advantages.